tonight i took my exercise at the park across from my house.  i walk there frequently– when the sun isn’t blazing.  i chose a time when the storm was en route but not yet present.  the clouds were dark but with sufficient light behind them to not seem too intimidating.  when the wind increased i used it as an aid to running… sometimes running with my eyes nearly closed to keep the dust and bugs out.  i was certain that at any moment i would be drenched in rain; fortunately i completed my last lap and made it to my door before the downpour began.  i normally only walk, but am trying to increase my cardiovascular exercise and am pleased that the wind aided me in this effort tonight by giving my strides more lift.  running forces you to only think of the step ahead of you… a welcome relief from over-thinking.  i feel like i am toting around a little box of endorphin joy inside of me.  mmm… exercise.

in family news, tallulah is able to go to the bottom of the pool, an eight foot depth!  she has delightful descriptions of how the water feels against her body as she swims… and is a regular fish, i say… mermaid she says.  clementine swims for little moments– to the steps from my arms and back.  she is a chatterbox, ever perfecting words, phrases, leaps, climbs, challenges.  she is now able to find my keys, unlock the dead-bolt, open the door and leave.  fortunately her only destination so far is nana’s, next door.  sean’s painting is complete, and tomorrow i will sneak a picture of it to post here.  it is exquisite.


2 thoughts on “glee

  1. I too have mermaids, though both still like the reassurance of the inner tubes or water wings. The pool has become a default destination for us every afternoon we don’t have somewhere to be. They were pretending to sing like Ariel this weekend with their friends. It was even recognizable too!

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