learning, unlearning, rethinking

it is not simple to travel with children; this is a laughable understatement.

my reaction to (in)decisions regarding money is paralysis.

i, for the first time, experienced fear at a birth and thought (for a moment) what am i doing here?

sometimes those with the most peculiar (to me) beliefs may still be sincere– novel, yes?

as the decision is upon me and the pot ever sweetened– does she (tallulah) stay home or go to montessori for a year? my head a-swirl with principles and practicalities; flattered.

i am secretly melodramatic… in preparation of a black armband to furnish evidence of grief (i was 21– the wound deep) kim said, “you’re so french.”  a symbolist (obviously) or a dadaist?

for perhaps the third time i have decided to promote my husband’s art, lest his artist’s ego be wounded.  i forgot– what with the having of babies and whatnot.

sometimes it is better to say nothing.  it really, really is.  this is the one i need to learn the fastest– through and through.

life and death moments enhance life.

gardens are worth the effort.

“Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.” –holden caulfield

"elephant", tallulah, age 4

"elephant", tallulah, age 4


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