feeling old, feeling real

i went to the orange peel with my friend kim last week to see the duo/band she & him.  the music was nice, reminding me of a mournful prom date, dancing to richie valens with marty mcfly… in a coral colored dress.  as is customary, we waited by the bus for congratulations and thanks, this time consuming ritual never questioned.  however, i began to recognize my age when the pregnant bass player drew far more of my attention than m. ward or zooey, who never came out for a greeting.  they are folks with jobs, people with lives just like mine only much, much stranger.  traveling around in buses with only ever take-out, hotels, suitcases… how utterly exhausting.  i looked at them with motherly sympathy, amusing myself.


One thought on “feeling old, feeling real

  1. Beautiful description–I feel like I was there.

    Scott was in a brand meeting at work this week. The CEO of his company said, “we’re branding this line of kayaks for people like Scott…the aging paddler.” Ouch.

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