well earned aches

despite a croaky virus making its way through the collins clan, we are making headway on several projects.  we organized both porches and all toys (!!yay!!), sean finished our refurbished dining table, we completed his registration for school, he carted off a hefty (3 giant bins) load of stuff to the goodwill, i reorganized my closet and we have a delightfully huge remodeling gig underway. 

the logic went like this: ‘where are we going to put this table? since it is now so orderly, let’s move the cats out to the front porch and give them access to underneath the porch and outside.  well if we’re doing that and getting the kitty cabinet outside then we can put our new(ly finished old table) into the utility room.  but really there isn’t much room there; let’s go ahead and knock down the wall between the kitchen and utility and join those two rooms together.  just knock down this portion of the countertop, move/saw apart some cabinets, retile that section of the floor, repaint the walls and cabinets, and move a few electrical outlets and a water line to the fridge.  we’ve got the tile in the attic, no?  pick up a grout saw and some paint at home depot on the way to drop off the stuff at goodwill.’

we have always been of this sort; suddenly biting off gigantic projects and conceiving hairbrained schemes.  we can convince each other that this is a totally logical time– i’m sick, so i’m at home… the kids have an orderly place to play and nana is around to help for another week.  the crunch is upon us– can we complete this project in the next 9 days before sean starts school???


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