if you can’t laugh at this face…

you must have lost your funny bone
you must have lost your funny bone

poor sean in crisis… the project was going so smoothly and then a big nasty bump in the road.  the tiles we thought we had in the attic (we only need about 4) are not! there!! so, it is either a crazy decorative floor piece, a bar, or wriggling some tiles UP from beneath the now missing cabinets (where they won’t be seen when cabinets return).  none of these are appealing choices.  BUT… on the bright side, the kitty cabinet is now downsized, repainted, and on the porch; drywall is being patched as we speak, and my whole kitchen is workable.  i think he’ll be finished by the start of next week!  3 cheers for my fella, who has maintained an excellent attitude throughout– depsite scorching attic visits, icky crawlspaces, spiders and more spiders, and little tiny people running beneath his feet.  sean rocks!!


3 thoughts on “if you can’t laugh at this face…

  1. I meant to say the other night, but forgot, that you guys have the most amazing “kitty cabinet.” I bet people would pay large sums of money to have those custom built. (We would have!)

  2. Holy cow, this kid looks like Jordan Knight! Step by step, oo Carey, gonna get to you girr-rr-rr-rrrl!
    Step 1! Rip out the wall!
    Step 2! It takes a little kung fu!
    Step 3! ……..make another HD trip?

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