hooray!  kim is coming to visit… besides being the best friend of tallulah, she is my olympic buddy; it seemed ill-fitting that she was there and i am here for all of the late night excitement.

perhaps i will motivation-speak her to pieces and she will not want to visit for another long time, but i’ll try to “keep it gentle, nor a bad influence.” (j.g.– not at all in the context of motivation, but the words fit nonetheless)

we have projects and plans, all seamless and easy.  single friends are simpler that way– the organization of one added body instead of lots.  when we were a family of 3 instead of 4 it felt a bit like we were 3 people playing house.  a tighter ship somehow came with clem, though i am still in my pajamas at 2:19pm.  take that, flylady.

hooray!  hooray!  kim is coming.

*note to self* next blog: energy conservation, not the green-kind.


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