waiting, to the tune of “replica”, modern guilt, BECK

there are ladies… ladies at the ready.  i have the need for sleep and the adrenaline to prevent it.

decisions for homeschooling made! thanks in part to the discovery of this oldie: charlotte mason, the anti-twaddler.  thanks for this suggestion go to my  inspirational sally and a new friend.

next, a smidge of montessori and a call to brilliance ideal, and an unschooling/john holt secret side… AND then that pesky legal option, chosen.

and a julia, edging me onward, gracefully, into these and other unchartered waters.

a darling husband’s portfolio mid-creation, thanks in great part to someone with special gifts, photographs.

from chocolate to morphine (this is actually the title), andrew weil… oh my… it is an… um, unconventional book about drugs.  a fascinating read for the not-so-faint of heart.

vegetable korma and palak paneer; scrumptious.

clem, so fortunate to be born here and not somewhere else.  her feats of strength, balancing skill, fearless jumping could have been early recognized and she taken from us for forever training.  these poor little olympians!! and yet i watch with delight.

are there any more possible links in this blog?  i am normally so lazy about linking and here i have overcrowded all at once.

things sounding good, seeming busy, but ever so much lost time and wasting in my messy kitchenless existance.


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