Clementine has reached this place… this two year old place of utter certainty about everything. we don’t have her rule book, thus we are in constant violation.  the primary battles are about what she wears. it is only, all, always about tee shirts.  blekh.  old, nasty ones from family vacations and hand me down pajama tops.  nana brought home some new clothes for the girls; clem rejected all gifts except the t-shirt with kitties on it and one emblazened with “cutie”.  we are all dressed in our snazzy duds– tallulah a dress with a horse on the top, matched to a bag.  me, my matron dress for the big event (typing now– shawled, shoed and all, tags attached)… new wedge shoes with soft bottoms.  clem- tee shirted.  there has been a melt down each day for about 2 weeks if the t-shirt she desires is dirty or hiding.  this wounds my fashion sense; vain, i know.  petty, i’m aware.


One thought on “fashionista

  1. I am way late commenting here… but I can totally relate. Miles has a way (HIS way) of doing everything…what clothes to wear (noooo not THAT blue!), how to put them on, what to eat, which part to bathe first, how to get in/out of the car. I take him to the grocery store and often he is wearing a pair of worn blue long underwear, a button down dress shirt, cowboy boots, and a souvenir hat from Hawaii (which says “HAWII”). People smile and probably feel sorry for me. But he is lovely and I hope he never changes. : )

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