a government funded pathetic friend

Seinfeld called the library a government funded pathetic friend…

I asked the library last week to order a book– not an inter-library loan, as it was not available nearby– and they did it!  I picked up my treasure under my husband’s name/library card number (the librarian curious, double checking, the book birth-related)  Each time we visit they remind me of my debt, on each card, ask sweetly if i want to pay (sometimes i can, sometimes not), and let me continue to borrow anyway.  They let me roam around in their stacks, taking just about anything i like as long as i try to bring it back on time.  And then this… going out and buying a brand new, hardcover edition!  I want to give my pathetic friend a kiss.  Thanks, library.   I long for the days, nearly here, when we can spend hours in the library, lounging and looking, reading, learning.  These days it is strictly business: books on bats and a playing mantis (like cello playing), so as to escape without clementine doing a flying leap off one of the tables or escaping into the elevator.

side notes

I have been reading/attempting to read the book Midwives– a pseudo-mystery -work of fiction.  *gagging* it has put me to sleep twice.

Tallulahism of the day: “Mom, I am a little like a delicate flower.  But my sister, she is like a big giant rock that just, like, climbs everything.”

Seanism: “Why do people think bears are afraid of bells?”– funny because i think of the old, old Parent Trap with Haley Mills, tricking the sissy stepmother-to-be into clacking sticks together to scare away the mountain lions.


3 thoughts on “a government funded pathetic friend

  1. BAAAHhh, to Seinfeld and his deceptively deceptive wife. I HEART my pathetic friend. Jerry won’t share not one book with me. Not one. PHHHLLLLEEGGGHHH.

  2. so Midwives is a no go? my bad! I picked up a copy of Born in the USA, what an inspiring book! Suzan and I have been using it to keep us up in the wee hours of the am. come visit again soon!

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