homeschool, hikes; nachos with strawberry jam

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now, one HTML disaster later…

for lunch we made nachos… with ground white turkey, garbanzos, dulse flakes, herb salad, cheese and more cheese, big blue chips, salsa, sour cream… all do-it-yourself style.  the kids were inspired by all the dipping and self-serving and thought strawberry jam would go well with their meal.  they nibbled little bites of it with the mixture and managed to eat all kinds of goodness too.

i read/skimmed the book Deceptively Delicious— well presented, simple, shiny paged, with retro-styled iconic clip-art. (although it can get no more gorgeous in cook books than nigella, “oh mercy,” as sally would say.)  i take issue with this book (the deception one, not nigella).  the idea is to hide vegetables (butternut squash, beets, what have you) in all of your standard recipes (pancakes, meatballs, etc.).  while the recipes do look fairly yummy, they are barely healthier than anything else when you break down the portions.  1/2 cup of beets in an entire pan of brownies?  that amounts to, um, nothing.  perhaps a step above the S.A.D. (standard american diet) and then there is the simple notion of disguise… is it possible that this will slant kids tastebuds to the healthy, or will it simply send the message that chicken nuggets and brownies are what they eat? some of her other suggestions are acceptable, but i can’t get behind all the puree business.  although, the pumkin oatmeal looked so delicious i just may try that one.  and i did once make brownies with black beans… what was my point?

i am not a food extremist (no diet will make us perfect, right?), and i don’t mind throwing a little sweetness into our diets; i also appreciate the art of presentation and preparation to kids: creativity is important.  but avacado cupcakes?  seriously. i will stick to my ancient kid staple when i need a reference: LLL’s Whole Foods for the Whole Family.


5 thoughts on “homeschool, hikes; nachos with strawberry jam

  1. Bahhh to DD. That’s Seinfeld’s wife, yes? To top that off, she totally mooched of another gal who did the same thing aloooong time ago, but she got all the glitz and glory. Oh, well. Besides, hiding good whole foods inside junk only perpetuates very.
    I had the LLL book in my LLL library. What a little jewel! I have already Post-It’ed a few recipes I’d like to try.
    The best way to get kids eating good things is to let them experience it: help make the food, and let them make a darn mess. 🙂

  2. Hey, friend! I feel like we’ve missed each other lately in the blogosphere. 🙂 I hadn’t even thought about how the amount of veggies would get dissipated in the whole recipes! Good point!! I had been annoyed about this book because, as Sally says, the book is a total ripoff, and got more publicity than the one it stole from because it was a celebrity wife who wrote it. As a writer, things like that bug me.

  3. I was going to buy the Missy Lapine book, Sneaky Chef (that Seinfeld copied) if I saw it but I had never thought of what you pointed out. If you did serve the kids (and husband) vegetables on a regular basis and only used the recipes to make brownies a little healthier, okay. But if all they ever eat is veggie-fortified brownies, how much sugar and fat must they consume to get one little serving of, what was it, beets? Our diet is pretty shameful right now and I doubt that putting a dollop of pureed vegetables in our unhealthy dishes is going to do much good.

  4. Here, here, Jenny! And geez, if I am going to eat brownies, I don’t need an excuse to eat them — I fully accept the responsibility of eating them. LOL!

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