baby w. and baby k.

two babies born in two days… the first was her first, long and aching; questions, touches, reassurance.  today was a breeze through the door (our gloves in hand), powerful moans, a baby five minutes after arrival.

i am learning the meaning of transition (that of mothers and of babies) and translating fear into variations of normal.


2 thoughts on “baby w. and baby k.

  1. I am hoping the next time I get pregnant I have a fast(er) birth. But even if I don’t I will know how to manage it better.

    I think you’d enjoy the consignment sale. I’d recommend putting your stuff in the Clemson sale and the Anderson one too (they didn’t have one in Anderson last time). It’s so much easier than selling on eBay because you don’t have to ship anything. I also think it’s better than Craigslist-type stuff because you get such a large (and enthusiastic) audience of shoppers. Would you be interested in volunteering? We may be able to work at the same time.

  2. Interesting that you note the “variations of normal”. I was just in a conversation about “variations of normal” yesterday. It seems that our perception of “normal” begins to gel far too quickly, and then we are thrust into this ____________ again of, “What IS normal?” I have spoken with a pregnant mother about what is normal, and her persception is based on her first experience with birth. And while she feels stongly that there ARE variations of normal, HER situation is the exception — but it isn’t. It was a variation of normal, but in those loooooong moments of vulerability, normal doesn’t exist.
    My question to you is: how do you help to being “normal” back and help to reassure the new mother?

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