everybody needs a bosom for a pillow

three stitches are now embedded in the head of little clementine, holding tight for seven whole days.  i feared the worst– her tiny body pinned, screaming, with fearful, pleading eyes, “why won’t you save me mommy?” — but it was nothing of the sort.  she nursed through the entire procedure (they were so impressed that they were going to “write it up” somewhere); obviously nervous, sweating, whimpering at the lidocaine shots but quiet through the stitch bites.  i thought we could get away with glue, perhaps butterfly strip bandages, but alas… she kept pulling, touching, rebleeding.

no severe damage and back to bed bouncing, high jumping, back bends, and other feats of strength tonight.

tallulah was cool headed: getting wet cloths to wipe away the blood (there was SO MUCH BLOOD), gathering flipflops, opening doors.  yet when the whole affair was settled she dissolved with, “i am just so worried about my SISSSter”… and fat, long tears.

a big thanks to dr. feiste– stitching in the office is the kindest and most useful/practical thing i can imagine.  an emergency room visit would have traumatized everyone.


3 thoughts on “everybody needs a bosom for a pillow

  1. Holy cow!!!! You and Clemmie are in my prayers. It’s amazing how a big sister can stand up to the pressure of such a situation. Feiste……wonderful that he was able to that!

  2. Poor Clementine. If Suzi ever requires stitches I’ll be calling you for Dr. Feiste’s number. And Tallulah is so sweet. I’ve been meaning to tell you, I love your home phone message!

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