sustain this

Save Clemson’s Sustainable Farm

Tue Oct 21, 2008 8:25 am (PDT)

The Clemson University Student Organic Farm is a USDA certified organic
farm located on the University campus. Its 15 acres are used for
research, education, and outreach programs for the campus and the
community. A critical source of grant money has just been withdrawn and
the university is considering shutting down the farm.

Please visit the website below to sign the petition and let Clemson know
that you value the farm and its related projects. Clemson cannot be a
leader in the field of agriculture without including a program on
sustainable farming. Our community needs their example.

Forward this to anyone who may be interested.

Please sign! Your interest can really make a difference.


3 thoughts on “sustain this

  1. thanks for sharing this. they have worked so hard on this for so long, too. Signing it!
    Ohhhh, how great to see you again, and I can’t wait until December…..MG, however, has reminded me of her cat allergy. So, we might have homeopathically doped up for the trip. cats and dogs. sheesh.

  2. I have just discovered your beautiful site. Alas, this petition is closed. Any idea if it was saved? I would love to know where this farmer’s market is so I can frequent it, or at least think about frequenting it. : ) Hope you are well and congrats on your successes.

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