After a long, long hiatus…

I came home from the Dominican Republic (after only one hospital day) a little traumatized and exhausted (a 16 hour layover, missed flight in miami), to a strep throat ridden little chicklet in need of mama-ing.  During my trip the computer died a slow death, so my only access has been at mom’s house every once in a while.  But thanks to the horror of Black Friday and the extensive help of several at&t technicians… we are online and technologized again.

to play a little catch up

let’s not talk about my DR experience yet… still processing that. i did make several new friends that i hope to meet again.

i caught my first babe!  sheer joy!!

i am in the supervised primary phase of my apprenticeship.  i now have two (? one definite, the other awaits quickening and some wooing on my part) ladies that i will follow through and give all care to in a supervised fashion.  one is a childhood friend, too!  it is moving along so quickly, and my studies are also moving into high gear.  i will have more than than the minimum number of required births to apply for licensure this year, assuming everything continues to go smoothly and my motivation with my school work stays on track.

sean is “down in the back”… grouchy as all get-out.

tallulah has recovered from her illness, upon illness, upon illness… a bout of dehydration being nearly the worst part.  a sourpuss attitude from all the indoors time is all that remains.

i have been out of character.  for how long?

i missed two! rocket babies this month.  the hour drive to spartanburg doesn’t seem like long enough for a baby to be born… i so wanted to be at both of those births, too.  however, oh so many births with my lovely and busy! midwives.  i am also in the phase of my apprenticeship where i assist other midwives– more experience!

clementine went four/five days without the boo-boo and returned with delight and without hesitation.


i will try, in the future, to have something other than the family and myself to talk about here… topics of interest?  suggestions?


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