how do i find my way home?

we have been techno-******.  firmware-upgraded, synchronized, reset, returned, retrieved, reformatted.  and the problem remains.  the signal, now, is simply too short.  the signal we parasited off of for 3 years, is now too short.  thus, the hiatus in blogging.  again.

i have so many birth thoughts, scenes, midwifery wonderings… ways i want to change around some things i’ve said, thought.  but all internet time must be confined to visits at nanas.  *sigh*

i miss my virtual network… though i see i do get more accomplished being off the blasted interet.

all old bookmarks lost, all word documents lost (every writing!  every poem!  the novels base!  the birth reflections!) *sigh*


One thought on “how do i find my way home?

  1. Glad you’re back to blogging! It is scary how much I can accomplish when I can’t get online. I haven’t blogged lately either, and now that it’s been a few days I can’t really think of anything to say.

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