*clicking my heels*

Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely.

I had some moments between appointments while in Greenville last Thursday.  Whenever i find myself  in that area i call Mollie, hoping to  see and talk, laugh lots.  I found her at the park with her sweet babes.  During our brief visit I noticed her incredible shoes… indigo colored danskos, red top-stitching.  We talked about how hard it is to find anything other than the clogs in stores (her mom found them online for her), and i whined (just a little) that until i am practicing or Sean finishes school, there will be no new shoes. My brown flats (worn that day) had the beginnings of a hole in the sole… their $8 target value nearly gone.

Two days later the girls, sean, and I ate at Monterey’s in Clemson… where we have been only one other time (our favorite Mexican restaurant it is not).  The girls begged to go into the Salvation Army next door when we finished.  Sean and I agreed… we found a tiny toy for each girl, a pair of safety glasses for sean, a scooby-doo alarm clock (is it for sean or the girls?), and we were getting into line when i decided to do a quick clothes walk through and escape the shrieks of my flan-filled children.

On the floor, in the box, card stock still stuck in one of the toes was a pair of the exact same beautiful shoes as Mollie’s… brand new… my size… RED (i have an intense love for red shoes).  and marked on the box (drum roll) $4.99.

Sean was clearly not aware of the serendipitous nature of the finding… how i had wanted them so but refused to even look for them online since they were out of my reach.  The incredible price difference fell unnoticed on him; of course i had to call Mollie and share my delight– she was equally excited, “Congratulations!! Oh wow!!” and i knew she truly understood the absurd wonder of that moment.

Just shoes and a fortunate accident… but how fun!! i was so thrilled i even wore them when i took a nap.



4 thoughts on “*clicking my heels*

  1. Oh, those are adorable! It’s like God put those shoes there for you to find. I love that thrift store. The prices are just a notch above free, and when I get to the checkout there usually seems to be an extra little discount I wasn’t expecting.

  2. if you would ever take those shoes off i would steal them! i would follow you to a birth,but it unfortunatly you will be wearing them there as well. maybe ‘ll crawl in whilst you sleep…

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