how little have i accomplished with a sick mama, two tired chicklets (also sick), and a scratchy throat of my own?  perhaps beginning what is sure to be a neverending journey of selecting beloved treasures and dreamed-of items from etsy is a tiny accomplishment.  that and tinkering on facebook while listening to whoops and whines.

i have tried to show you my etsy favorites, but the code won’t work.  sigh.  i am tallulaheden.

tomorrow julie and i will gather to plan, play, sew, talk, smell herbs and oils, share, and organize my thoughts for a blessingway of sorts for sarah.  any suggestions on favorite mama blessing rituals or gifts, anyone??


2 thoughts on “obsession

  1. My mom bought me a belly chime from Nova Naturals for Christmas. It’s beautiful, but I probably won’t use if for another couple weeks. I’ve seen them made by another company in sterling, but those are naturally more expensive.

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