listen here

dr. james mckenna on npr… talking about cosleeping and the controversial new cdc study.

my favorite part is when he talks about his love of sleeping with his son… not that bemoaning, “how do ya get them outta the bed?” you so often hear from the shamed cosleepers.  i have always felt the same, and thankfully my husband does too.

when i leave a family just after birth and see baby snuggled between mom and dad there is a feeling of certainty, rightness… biological normalcy beyond the typical constraints of culture that will all too soon be imposed on our tiny children.


4 thoughts on “listen here

  1. When I leave a baby lying in an isolette behind nursery glass, there is a feeling of INSANITY.

    Sorry, still processing the inane spectators who view babies behind glass at the hospital and think it is cute. I walk down a different hallway at the hospital just to avoid that horrible scene.

  2. Julie–When we went on our tour of L&D and mom-baby while we were pregnant with Suzi, they took us by the nursery. One of the dads-to-be walked up to the window and stepped back looking sorely disappointed. The nursery was empty except for a couple of nurses. He had expected to see a bunch of babies lined up like a shop display, but they don’t like to do that at AnMed. One of the things I liked about them.

  3. Yeah. Greenville Memorial sucks. I think the babies were all from recent c-sections. While baby can’t stay with mom in recovery and can’t be with its daddy (until a room is assigned to mom), they end up lying alone in an isolette.

    From my last birth, I did learn that Memorial is trying to change this policy and will instead permit mom and baby to recovery together. But, surprise, surprise…they are meeting resistance from recovery room staff.

  4. Hi. I just discovered your blog. It’s wonderful. I’m a certified nurse midwife living in the northeast. I worked for seven years, but have been at home for a couple of years now with my kids. I’m glad to see efforts like yours because birth in our culture is, I believe, at a turning point. Just in the time I was practicing I watched more and more fear and intervention and pathology enter into the lives of childbearing women. It has been discouraging. I have hope that things will change, though.
    And speaking of cosleeping – I”m still sleeping with my 5 year old. So sweet.

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