baby talk


Yesterday I met with a fascinating midwife: Charlie Lose-Frahn.  We spent the day discussing experiences, philosophy, protocols of practice, and our personal birth histories.  She answered many of my questions and concerns about my future path within midwifery.  I have heard her called kooky, “interesting” (in that certain tone), a nutrition nazi, a postpartum queen, and as out there as it gets.  I found her to be a completely grounded woman– a midwife in the truest sense.  She has a core trust in birth that has not been muddled by fear.  I hope to attend a birth with her in the near future!

Her two most important requirements in prenatal care screening are nutrition and consciousness.  She asks for diet tracking between she and her client until they are certain that optimal nutrition is understood and maintained.  The consciousness component involves working through previous birth experiences (when mama was the babe and when she has been the mama too), delving into relationship dynamics and communication, and expanding the couple’s awareness of the world they create around them.  All of this is to facilitate an optimal prenatal period, birth, and ultimately the family life as a whole.  At the core of consciousness work is connecting with the unborn baby every day by setting aside at least fifteen minutes (total) to speak to– this part is key– ALOUD!, touch, soothe, sing, read, bond with the growing babe.  All of this bathes the baby in oxytocin from mama– sending messages that clearly communicate the world the baby will expect when he makes his entrance.  Charlie asks that dads do this as well.  Of course, there are times when mama is stressed, and she recommends that at those times mom works to explain and soothe the baby through it, just as she would if the baby were outside her womb.  Ultimately, consciousness of the unborn means treating a baby with the same warmth, compassion, reality, love, communication that you will once he or she is born.  It is a great way to increase awareness of your body as the baby’s ecosystem as well– to learn, hear what you and your baby need to feel healthy and safe.

I want to encourage this practice to my clients and any pregnant mamas.  It has sound medical grounds (from ultrasound research, hormonal reactions, etc.) and respect in the psychology field.  I do not prescribe to the notion of communicating with the preconceived, but I certainly believe there is much talking that can and should go on between a babe and mama before the moment of birth.

Check out this link: The Womb– Your Child’s First School

I look forward to my connections with the babes whose mamas I work with.  It is an honor to know and love those pure little souls.  I dearly love the mamas too!  My favorite part of prenatals is the assessment of position– the hands-on belly rub connects me to mama and baby at the same time; a salutation of a more visceral sort… a way to check in and play.  It makes it even more exciting when the birth day arrives!  It is someone you already know and finally can fully see… and at the same time the opportunity to be of service to a mother who you have grown with as she walks on her powerful path to motherhood.


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