Is there anyone who will return to my little blog after such a long hiatus?

I plan to post a series of my creative efforts as i refine my handouts and documents for practice.  These last few months have meant a reemergence of confidence…  my bag of birth supplies is gathered, my first primary client– from the beginning of care– birthed beautifully last week.   I plan to sit for the NARM exam in February 2010 and obtain my SC license and CPM certification directly thereafter.  I will be offering doula services (as a certified doula, under quite a different scope than a midwife!) for the next several months for hospital births also.  Please contact me if interested, or pass along my information to any mothers you may know who need a doula!  I will be adding a ‘doula services’ page to this site.


2 thoughts on “hibernation

  1. I am here, friend. So glad to know that you are so close to becoming licensed. We miss you very much! Sam sat for her test a couple months ago, and will be finishing in August, I believe. She has been terrific, Carey. You would really like her. And her earrings. 🙂

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