readingEnergy Medicine for Women by Donna Eden, PhD. 

listening to: midlake, fleet foxes, m. ward, sigur ros, sonic youth, expialidocious (thank you truly, mollie), oh and midlake.  and, um, midlake. 

watching: That Darn Cat

crazy in love with: my children– growing older, more beautiful throughout; my husband– an exquisite vibration; beautiful new, seasoned mamas and tiny babes

blogs saved and preparing to import: placenta encapsulation with crystal, lactation and doula services (shameless self promotion), family happenings, testimonials, Hypnobabies, acupuncture in pregnancy and postpartum, quotations from the aforementioned energy medicine book, montessori, website thoughts, homeopathy, massage and chiropractic in pregnancy and postpartum, common breastfeeding problems and their prevention and solutions

finding: balance, energy to accomplish the joyful tasks ahead, introversion and extroversion


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