do you know amazing savings?  if you do not, you should.  steals like snack packs of nori for 50 cents and truffle oil for $3!  julie and i visited last week on the rainiest and dreariest of days with our littles and scavenged many savings.  among them was a box of organic gingerbread man mix for $1 complete with cookie cutter… thus, the activity for the evening.


creepy cuteish fetus cookie

the men looked like car accident victims, as the enclosed cutter left a little something to be desired.  note the Blackberry; a victim of texting while driving?

and the piece de resistance?  a sheela-na-gig (you exhibitionist— come on, click that one!); some people believe the sheelas are ancient birth empowerment symbols.

A Sheela Na Gig is a carving of a woman exposing herself, usually found on religious buildings.  Was she a survival of celtic religion or goddess inspired?  a romanesque warning against lust?  a fertility or birth empowerment symbol? a protection against evil?  she is known as the witches stone, the nun on the potty, the hag of the castle, sheela of the paps, the dancer, and others.  i heard of her from pj harvey… “gonna wash that man right outta my hair.”


3 thoughts on “gingermen

  1. You are just blogging up a storm! I like it! I got this strange sense of deja vu looking at the Sheela Na Gig. Then I remembered my brother used to make them out of clay about 10 years ago. He told me what it was called but I never saw it spelled out, so I’ve gone all these years thinking it was a “shield in a gig” or something like that.

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