Current Happenings

readingDMT: The Spirit Molecule (this is the second time through), Embryology: blah blah textbook words

listening to: a mix from itunes called Peacock Dresses with tunes from Jonsi, Broken Social Scene, Bon Iver, Elliot Smith, Regina Spektor, Tori Amos, Great Lake Swimmers, and others Sean has been trying to force me to like: St. Vincent, Andrew Bird

watching: Dexter *this has never been a category of interest to me as movies seldom hold my attention, and there are few television shows I’ve enjoyed in adulthood.*

wearing: colorful dresses with an odd assortment of (ever so slightly) compulsively chosen accessories… the most important of which is the mr f bracelet , as worn by one with her own curious fashion choices.  If this joke is mysterious to you, please go watch every episode of Arrested Development.  The only other television show that hasn’t disappointed me besides classics.

wishing for: pictures with every couple I’ve ever served; a scrapbook or journal… leading me to the idea that I would love  need to write a book about my adventures in mamababy care.



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