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  • The foundation for my ideas and goals in midwifery began in 2003 with the pregnancy and birth of my first child.  I sought prenatal care from an upstate SC midwife and benefited greatly from her wisdom and nurturing during that time.  For my next birth I traveled to the Farm in Summertown, Tennessee, and their principles of service to women broadened my appreciation for the art of midwifery.  My study and research was continuous, and culminated with my entrance in 2007 into a formal didactic program, completed summer 2009, to become a direct-entry midwife in the state of South Carolina.  My apprenticeship and testing completed this process in 2010.  The scope of my practice was in low risk women having healthy, normal pregnancies; I maintained state licensure from 2010-2014
  • My doula certification is also current, from summer of 2009, through Hypnobabies International.
  • I maintain current certifications in CPR and neonatal resuscitation.
  • My current work (2016) is as an educator, counselor, writer, and attendant with Sacred Cycles Birth Association, offering care in the childbearing year through membership.
  • I happily nursed for 6 years and counseled many other nursing mothers through simple and very complex breastfeeding concerns.  I continue to deepen my study and understanding of lactation as a part of my services for women.
  • I am supported by my partner and best friend, Scott, his daughter Rose, and my two children, Tallulah and Clementine.  I am eternally grateful for the support of my mother and extended family for knitting together life when I am away.

the sketched framework of a philosophy of practice that will evolve and evolve

  • Birth is my teacher; I haven’t found a trademarked philosophy that works in every scenario to be true.  Rules are not something I’m a big fan of anyway, and most folks who write and pontificate on the subject of prenatal, birth, and postnatal issues have a black and white view of the whole matter that is uncomfortable to many moms.  I am not a devotee of any particular midwife guru, birth advocate or educator; though, I have found some that I agree with on many many subjects and prefer to listen to and trust over others.  Subjects like licensing and regulations only serve to incense and divide women.
  • I strongly advocate finding a community village of supportive individuals/mamas… but there are many right ways to walk this birth/parenting path.


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