Doula Services

sarah and samuel

sarah and samuel

What is a doula?  What does she do?

from “An Intimate Dance with Birthing Women” by Heather Mains

“…Many people, including prospective clients, have little idea of what I do as a doula. Most assume it is the equivalent role of a midwife. Some assume it is the equivalent role of an obstetrician. It is similar, but not quite like either. It is different not only in its limitations of practice, but in its practical scope and continuity of care. A doula is a woman who helps other women in the transition to motherhood. Specifically, a birth doula provides physical, emotional, informational support and resources to pregnant women and their families in preparation for and during childbirth. A doula is knowledgeable about physiology of birth, medical terms and common medical approaches to birth, as well as alternative options to these medical approaches. She is experienced, having witnessed birth. She is supportive, understanding the phases of labour and postpartum and the variety of reaction women may have to these experiences. The role of the doula can be filled by anyone with compassion and sensibilities to childbirth: a woman’s mother, her sister, her partner, a nurse, a midwife or (less frequently these days) a physician.

A doula, however, is not clinically responsible for the woman and the baby in birth. She conducts no blood pressure readings, orders no screenings or tests and she does not check cervical dilation. Being a doula is not about the practice of allopathic medicine. In addition, a doula does not catch babies, listen to heart rates, nor manipulate babies in utero. She does not practice midwifery.

In fact… I have moved from considering myself as primarily a physical and emotional support to women as they give birth, to a spiritual dance partner…”

My Doula Services

I am certified as a doula through Hypnobabies Childbirth.  This includes a strong focus on the positive language and treatment of pregnant and birthing women.


initial visit and an additional prenatal visit

consultation on creation of a birthing plan

consultation on childbirth education

attendance at your birthing time

one postpartum visit and lactation assistance 

Please contact me for additional information at withwomanwithchild (at) gmail (dot) com .


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