Lactation Services



Breastfeeding classes are offered for small groups and private sessions.


A lactation counseling session is comprehensive and may take 1 ½ to 2 hours.


Counseling sessions are ideally conducted in the privacy of your home; this allows for the most authentic observation of the nursing pair and causes the least interruption for the family in the postpartum period.  Mothers and babies, especially those who are struggling with breastfeeding establishment, are truly best served when they are not inconvenienced by travel and a new environment. These sessions are comprehensive and generally last for 1 ½ to 2 hours.  I travel throughout the Upstate of South Carolina, Western North Carolina, and Northern Georgia.

Lactation Counseling Services include:

-Prenatal counseling and support
-Postpartum counseling and support
-Postpartum assistance– including availability shortly after birth

–Special Concerns: thrush, plugged ducts, latch problems, supply problems, nipple confusion, etc.


As a volunteer service to the nursing mothers in our community, I am pleased to address brief questions and concerns via phone conversations; emails are appropriate for simple questions also; please do not hesitate if you need help!  Any concern that requires attention beyond a conversation can be scheduled for an appointment to address all of your breastfeeding concerns.  An office or home visit can be scheduled if appropriate.


Fees are assessed on an hourly basis; adjusted rates apply for special circumstances (in hospital assistance, etc).


withwomanwithchild (at) gmail (dot) com

Personal stories of nursing couples coming soon!


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